A family-owned company since its founding in 2003, RestHAIRation’s mission is to provide people with affordable herbal-based remedies for hair growth and hair care.  

Our founder, Stan Gasperson, was a licensed hairdresser for over thirty years.  During that time, Stan was involved with educational programs for distributors and manufacturers.  He taught chemistry for hairdressers and operated his own educational company for hairdressers for ten years.  He opened Creative Cuts, his hair salon, in 1986.

Stan painstakingly experimented with single herbs and herbal remedies for years to come up with his formulations.  He looked to folklore, traditional herbal medicines, and magazines from the early 1900’s for inspiration.  What followed became the formulations you know and love today, helping men and women with their unique needs with hair loss.  

Stan passed away in 2012, but his formulations and creative vision live on.  His wife Nancy Gasperson now owns and operates RestHAIRation® and Creative Cuts, Inc.

Based in Bloomington, Illinois, RestHAIRation® is a division of Creative Cuts, Inc., 813 E. Grove, Bloomington, IL 61701.

If you have any questions, contact us at (309) 829-5511, toll free at (888-920-HAIR), or by email at sales@resthairation.com