Kay from IL:

"After completing two 'routines' of chemotherapy, one lasting four months and another three, I'm pleased to report minimal hair loss.  I attribute my full head of hair to the continued use of RestHAIRation.  I'm fortunate I found this product and highly recommend its use."

Rukkaya from MI: 
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I've tried everything, including steroids injections from the dermatologist to stop my hair from falling out. After two weeks of using your products, I am no longer losing my hair!"

Fern from IL:

"Your product is the best.   My hair is thicker and in better condition.  All my girl friends who suffer from thin hair now know about the miracle and where to purchase it.  I love the gel spray, it gives instant fullness.  Thanks.  Best product I've ever tried.  I am now a loyal user and fan."

Dawn from MI: 
"I have been using RestHAIRation for 12 weeks & have never noticed such a difference. I had very thin hair, especially on the crown, with severe hair loss every time I washed and combed my hair.
That all changed with RestHAIRation. People have even noticed at work saying they have never seen my hair so thick looking. I've also noticed it is much less fragile.
I was using Nioxin for several years & never had any noticeable change so I was a little skeptical. Now I would recommend RestHAIRation to anyone! I appreciate these products!"

Jacqueline from MI:

"I have been using the RestHAIRation system for 6 weeks. My hair is ethnic / Asian and thinning / hereditary. It has always been difficult for me to manage and required many products for me to achieve a decent "hair day."
RestHAIRation has made my hair so manageable and much less dry...It's reduced the porous nature of my hair...It's reduced my hair styling to half the time and I only use the RestHAIRation styling gel instead of 3 products.
I used to use Nioxin and while it did produce the hair growth, it dried my hair. The difference between the products is noticeable and amazing. RestHAIRation is amazing!"

Heidi from CO:

"About a year ago, I was having excessive hair loss after my pregnancy.  [Friends] shared a bottle of conditioner with me.  I prefer to use more natural products and liked the ingredients I saw.  I noticed an improvement w/in a couple of weeks and by the time I was done with the bottle, I was losing less hair than before the pregnancy.  I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I will continue to use your products.  The dry, windy spring here wreaks havoc on my scalp."

Laura from MI: 
"I bought RestHAIRation because I wanted my hair to stay good-looking all day on my wedding. My hair was fine and limp, and even though I'd spend an hour every morning styling it, it would fall flat an hour or so after I styled it. A couple of weeks after I started using RestHAIRation, my co-workers started noticing how good my hair looked and asked what I'd been using.
By the time of my wedding, 5 weeks after I started using the products, I was spending only a fraction of the time styling my hair, and it stayed good-looking for 2-3 days."

Patty from TX:

"I've used this product for about six months and it really seems to work. Thanks!"

Mary Ellen from MI:
"This product is AWESOME! I have been a hairdresser for over 30 years and have tried every product on the market for my fine, thinning hair. Nothing ever made my hair look so good! I thank my hairdresser for asking me to try it out for the salon. I will use this product forever!"

Joanna from MI: 
"My stylist gave me your products to try out. I had a dry, itchy scalp, and had tried many products, including medications, to clear it up. They were unpleasant and dried out my hair. RestHAIRation cleared up this condition after only a couple of weeks, leaves my hair healthy and easy to manage, and I just love the herbal smell!"

Al from IL:

"I have been [using] the product for 6 months and the results have been great.  I have more people making comments about my hair growth.  I have referred 6 people and they are using it or going to."