Stan's Stuff (32 oz)
Product Code: Stan's Stuff (32 oz)

Available in 8 oz and 32 oz options.

Named for our late creator, Stan’s Stuff does it all.  Inspired by George Washington Carver’s use of soybeans in cosmetic ingredients and the needs of clients who owned show horses looking for an effective mane and tail conditioner.  Truly a product that just keeps on giving.   Use on your hair to provide instant moisture, gloss, and detangling.  Not recommended for fine or limp hair.  Celebrating 10 years of selling Stan’s Stuff in 2016!

Some uses:

Body & facial lotion

Hand & foot lotion

Thick and thin curly hair types

Thick hair types

Ethnic hair types

Shaving lotion for your legs

Shaving lotion for facial shaving

Swimmer’s hair

Varicose veins




Scars & stretch marks

Insect repellent


Age spots

Poison Ivy

And even for horses as a mane and tail conditioner!

As always, let us know if you find another use.  

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